1. Fungus rules the fall.


  2. Spending time underwater, looking for the things I can’t see when I’m on the top of the water.


  3. Blackberries are not quite ready, but they are working with the flowers and making it feel like it is full on summer.


  4. Red Velvet Mite and Pacific Tree Frog


  5. Tree house base nearing completion, and the original quick sketch that it was based on.  Two of the supports are extremely stable, the other two still need some work.


  6. Big twins and little twins.


  7. I have to remember that I started this blog to keep track of tree-house progress.  The main challenges so far have been getting materials and equipment to the tree-house site.  Imagine slogging through thick trees and mud 1/4 mile while carrying heavy, off-balanced objects.  Very time consuming and frustrating.

    Having said that, here is the second support being installed and a photo of all the dead branches that are going to need to be removed as the tree-house progresses.  I’m happy to say that the supports feel very sturdy.


  8. April showers bring April flowers.  Skunk Cabbage aka Swamp Lantern ( Lysichiton americanus) and Salmonberry(Rubus spectabilis)


  9. Exploring the area around the creek, it is in a constant state of wetness and shade.  Perfect for growing moss, skunk cabbage and ferns.


  10. The first tree-house support being installed.  I had to come up with a pulley method to be able to install this by myself.  They are made from scrap wood I found at 2nd Use so I had to be creative with how to put them together.  I was told that the Chinese flags are for good luck and prosperity, more progress photos soon.