1. The first tree-house support being installed.  I had to come up with a pulley method to be able to install this by myself.  They are made from scrap wood I found at 2nd Use so I had to be creative with how to put them together.  I was told that the Chinese flags are for good luck and prosperity, more progress photos soon.


  2. Nurse Log


  3. I’m looking at these two trees as likely candidates for a treehouse and spring is starting to pop out all over the property.


  4. Its just been a really good year for mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest


  5. Various Fall mushrooms in Kitsap.


  6. Somehow this caterpillar and old barn seemed to go together, I’m not sure why.


  7. I may have discovered the fabled mole graveyard, and in other news the first half way decent photos from the motion camera.


  8. A really big old Birch tree


  9. Trespass to land involves the “wrongful interference with one’s possessory rights in [real] property.”


  10. Picasso described the artwork in 1943 to visiting photographer George Brassaï, saying:

    “Guess how I made the bull’s head? One day, in a pile of objects all jumbled up together, I found an old bicycle seat right next to a rusty set of handlebars. In a flash, they joined together in my head. The idea of the Bull’s Head came to me before I had a chance to think. All I did was weld them together… [but] if you were only to see the bull’s head and not the bicycle seat and handlebars that form it, the sculpture would lose some of its impact.”